Block Party in a Box

What if the process of planning and executing a block party was a little easier than it currently is?

Recognizing that we don’t often get together simply to socialize and celebrate with one another, Block Party in a Box was designed as a resource kit that can be used by anyone wanting to plan a block party for their street, community, or neighbourhood. With pre-made posters, checklists, games, and other resources, Block Party in a Box allows anyone to plan and execute a successful block party without breaking a sweat.

Available as a free download, Block Party in a Box has been downloaded by active citizens from around the globe. Less about the actual toolkit and more about encouraging and enabling residents to be more active in their neighbourhoods, Block Party in a Box acts as a catalyst for community interactions and relationship building.

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Created 2013. Downloaded daily.



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Awesome London

Eve Nicholson-Smith

Katie Van Den Berg

Kevin Van Lierop
(concept & execution)

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