“Official” Passport to the Trees of the Carolinian Forest

“Official” Passport.

The Trees of the Carolinian Forest was a mini-guide, that when torn from a notepad could be folded and used for a walking tour of the metal tree sculpture collection found throughout the downtown core in London, Canada. Highlighting facts like each metal tree costs $6,000 to create (includes installation), is installed where no real tree can be grown, and is funded though a downtown property levy and not municipal taxes, the Passport aimed to engage visitors and residents alike in an exploratory exercise.

The maps measured 11” x 4.25” expanded, printed black & white, and when folded measured 3.6” x 4.25”. Printing was limited to 1000 copies distributed across downtown London.

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Downtown London

Fun Facts

Percentage of living trees in the downtown: 97.5%
Percentage of metal trees in the downtown: 2.5%
You can follow one tree on Twitter @Metal_Tree


This passport was crafted using publicly available data &
information; its creator is not responsible for any discrepancies that
may appear. percentages of trees are approximations and should not
be used to inform any research or project.

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