The Exchange

A Neighbourhood Conversation Place.

As a month long pop-up environment, the The Exchange will provide a space—in Central London (Canada)—to encourage and facilitate place-based conversations amongst local citizens.

The aim of The Exchange is to catalyze an environment where citizens can converse, learn, and connect with one another, where creative ideas for London’s neighbourhoods can be inspired and refined, and where participants can get a greater sense of the needs, hopes, and opportunities that exist within the neighbourhoods that they inhabit. 

Activated by a series of planned workshops, film screenings, events, meetings, and art showing(s), this month long pop-up space will culminate with a mini-conference focused on the city that participants share in common.

Dates & Location

ETA 2018
London, Canada

Development Stage

Currently seeking funding and partners.
If you would like to support this initiative, or some version of it, please email

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