Walk London

A guerrilla wayfinding project.

Walk London installed signs around the downtown core of London, Canada directing pedestrians to local business, organizations, parks, and institutions. The signs where installed as a means to enlighten people, through the use of creative & intentional signage, to the fact that most places they travel to aren’t as far by foot as they might think.

Walk London was initiated by a small group of citizens who wanted to make London a healthier and better place to live. This collective developed and delivered the project out of their love for London and all of the ‘cool things‘ happening within the city that are only a short walk away.





Community Partners

Our Street London
LondonFuse New Media Collective


Walk Raleigh

Selected Press

Poster Campaign Highlights Walkability
June 28, 2012

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
June 26, 2012

Walk London (Canada)
June 18, 2012

Walk London was not associated with neighbourgoodguide.ca

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