Our Work

The Art of Neighbouring – in development

How do we reorient our lives around the places that we live in? Examining how everyday citizens can be involved in the betterment of their neighborhoods and cities this course aims to connect the theories which shape the places we live with the daily practices we find ourselves undertaking as a community.

Urban Film Nights – ongoing

Urban Film Nights are a chance to hang out with past, present and future neighbours to socialize over a film, a beer (or two) and some good conversation. Informal and apolitical, the purpose of these films nights is to better understand the cities in which we reside and the elements which make them unique and dynamic.

Past screened movies include: The SandlotBill Cunningham: New YorkDo the Right ThingRadiant CityUrbanizedEverybody StreetWho Framed Roger RabbitStreetfilmsUrban Prototyping FestivalEpcot Film – The Original ‘Epcot’ ProjectUnion Pearson ExpressToronto Boom TownSeeing Eye PeopleThe Parking Lot MovieThe Shock of the New – Ep. 4 – Trouble in UtopiaThe Social Life of Small Urban Spaces



Block Party in a Box – ongoing

Block Party in a Box is a resource kit that can be used by anyone wanting to plan a block party for their street, community, or neighbourhood of any size. With pre-made posters, checklists, games, and other resources, Block Party in a Box allows you to plan and execute a successful block party without breaking a sweat.

Download: blockpartyinabox.com
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Wednesday Night Bike Rides – 2013–2015

Wednesday Night Bike Rides was initiated as a social activity to forge relationships with new friends, meet old friends, and explore different neighbourhoods in the city, while engaging in light exercise. Meeting weekly on Wednesday nights at 7 pm, a bike leader would emerge spontaneously to guide the group on their journey. Wednesday Night Bike Rides were implemented in association with the now defunct Our Street London.


[this city] co. – 2014–2015

[this city] co. was a place-based wares company formed in London, Canada. Focused on designing wearables and other products, [this city] co. aimed to encourage civic pride and ownership in cities across the globe. Sparking a localized t-shirt movement rooted in civic pride, [this city] co.’s offerings were limited-edition designs screened and printed in the Forest City. [this city] co. was developed and delivered in conjunction with Form & Foundry Inc.

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Manifesto: [this city] manifesto


Civic Action Kit – in re-development (2011–2014)

The Civic Action Kit was an online resource to help civic builders, community developers and city hackers do better work. Curating the best resources available, the Civic Action Kit aimed to have change-makers spend less time looking for the right tools and more time doing great work.


“Official” Passport to the Trees of the Carolinian Forest – 2013

The “Official” Passport to the Trees of the Carolinian Forest was a mini-guide that when torn from a notepad could be folded and used as a guide for a walking tour of the metal tree sculpture collection found throughout the downtown core in London, Canada. The maps measured 11” x 4.25” expanded, printed black & white, and when folded measured 3.6” x 4.25”. Limited edition printing of 1000.

Download: Print ready passport


Walk London – 2012

Walk London installed signs around the downtown core of London, Canada directing pedestrians to local business, organizations, parks and institutions. The signs where installed as a means to enlighten people, through the use of creative & intentional signage, to the fact that most places they travel to aren’t as far by foot as they might think. Walk London was in implemented in association with the now defunct Our Street London.

Legacy Website: walklondon.thegoodcity.co
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PARK(ing) Day – 2010–2011

Using PARK(ing) Day as a platform, we brought together not-for-profit organizations, businesses, and citizens to take ownership of urban space. We changed the quality of dialog about the city we live in while empowering others to do the same.

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100 Ways to Improve London – 2010

100 Ways was a sign-based installation that instigated a community conversation which spanned multiple topics and took place in and around various venues. Ideas were collected from the community for ways in which to improve London, Canada. These ideas were taken to the street, posted in the downtown core, and forced people to acknowledge the topics and have important conversations.

Download: Poster collection
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